Breathwork Facilitator Training

breathwork facilitator training

Breathwork is one of the most effective healing modalities out there and it has taken the wellness world by storm. There are now a growing number of yoga teachers, coaches, facilitators and wellness professionals looking to incorporate breathwork into their work and create more transformational experiences for their students.

A Certified breathwork facilitator training Course can help you build the credibility to lead your own breathwork sessions, workshops, retreats and more. But before you commit to a breathwork facilitator training, consider what you hope to get out of it and find the right program for you.

Tai’s Breathwork Professional Training is an internationally accredited program that teaches a full spectrum of breathwork styles to prepare you to become a professional breathwork facilitator, including the spiritual, energetic, and psychotherapeutic aspects of breathwork as well as the science behind it. The curriculum is taught through a combination of in-person, experiential learning, self-study and online classes that will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to facilitate breathwork in a safe and supportive way.

Breathwork Facilitator Training: How to Become a Certified Practitioner and Deepen Your Knowledge and Skills

Alchemy of Breath’s breathwork facilitator training was developed by blending the best practices from different breathwork styles all over the world. This unique blend of breathwork patterns can improve relationships, generate greater mental clarity, a stronger sense of purpose and renewed direction in life.

Whether you are just starting out or have a lot of experience, our breathwork facilitator training program is crafted with your unique needs in mind. It is a unique opportunity to explore your own gifts and strengths while preparing you to support the widest array of clients possible.