Lifting Companies Near Me

If you are searching for lifting companies near me to get your sinking concrete slab lifted, it’s important that you do your research. Not all house lifting or raising contractors offer the same service and the quality of work may vary. In order to ensure you choose the best contractor for your project, get at least 3 formal bids and verify that they have experience lifting your type of foundation.

Concrete slab lifting is an extremely effective solution for repairing sinking or cracked concrete surfaces and improving the overall appearance of your property. It’s a non-invasive alternative to getting your concrete torn out and replaced. It’s also significantly less expensive than a new concrete installation.

Locating Professional Lifting Companies Near Me: Where to Start

PolyLift USA offers a variety of concrete lifting services including concrete lifting, concrete leveling, soil stabilization, Void Filling and Sinking Driveways, Concrete Pool Decks and it’s surroundings and all types of commercial or residential concrete repair regardless of its age.

Raising a home is an economical way to protect your investment, prevent flooding, replace crumbling or settling foundations, add a basement, and increase space in a home or business. Our Ram Jack home elevation system can be used to safely raise homes on existing timber pilings and does not require disconnecting utilities, excavation or replacing the foundation.