Why You Should Use a URL Checker

URL check is a web-based tool that validates and analyzes website links to ensure their compliance with various criteria, including browser compatibility and security. This service helps keep websites up-to-date, protects users from malicious activities and maximizes SEO efforts. It’s essential to incorporate a URL check into any website development workflow to maintain high security standards, boost user experience and optimize online presence.

Most website platforms and content management systems allow you to choose how you want to structure your URLs. For example, WordPress offers six options for URLs (post name, page name, permalink, category, tag, and custom). It’s important to pay attention to the structure of your URLs so that they are easy to read and can be easily edited later.

Safety First: Conducting a URL Check for Security Purposes

A URL slug should be descriptive of the content of a page and be as short as possible. Hyphens and underscores should be avoided, as Google treats them differently and people are more used to using dashes. The same goes for text characters, as they should be encoded as UTF-8. For example, a “?” should be replaced with an “&”.

Cybercriminals often use unsafe links to infect computers and lure unsuspecting victims into their phishing sites. Unsafe links often look legitimate, enticing unsuspecting victims to click on them. You can prevent phishing attacks by using a link checker and using a secure connection when browsing. It’s also a good idea to enable VPN and antivirus real-time protection, and avoid visiting phishing sites or clicking on suspicious URLs.