Fireplace Installation in Lombard – Find the Best Local Contractors on Houzz

fireplace installation in Lombard

Fireplace installation in Lombardoffer more than just physical warmth in the home — they can also provide psychological and emotional comfort. They’re an integral part of many homes, and a custom fireplace design can be a beautiful focal point or gathering place. But when you choose to have a fireplace installed in your home, it’s important to find a professional contractor who will install the unit safely and correctly. Whether you want to replace an existing wood-burning fireplace, install an insert, or build an entire new hearth, you’ll find the best local contractors on Houzz for fireplace installation in Lombard.

Wood and gas fireplaces require different materials, so a reputable local contractor will know how to best handle each type of project. For example, installing a wood-burning fireplace will involve opening up your existing chimney to run the new chimney pipes. However, this process can lead to water leaks and expensive moisture damage if done incorrectly. A seasoned fireplace installer will be able to prevent this from occurring.

Transform Your Lombard Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Fireplace Installation

You should always request pricing information from multiple contractors to ensure you’re hiring the most affordable professionals. The price of a fireplace will depend on the type and size, plus any supplies or materials that will be needed for the installation. Additionally, a contractor will charge for their time when working on the project, so you’ll need to understand how they structure their pricing.

The easiest type of fireplace to install is a simple fireplace insert that can slide inside your existing fireplace. However, installing an entirely new fireplace will require you to build and inspect an enclosure and cut an opening into the wall or ceiling for the chimney pipe. You may also need to hire a professional plumber to install the gas lines into the fireplace’s installation location, or an electrician to install electrical cables if the unit has a spark igniter or blower fan.