Foldable Design Meets Eco-Friendly Construction

foldable design meets ecofriendly construction

When we talk about eco-friendly construction the word green is usually synonymous with a building that uses natural and renewable energy sources. This can include a solar powered water heating system, wind and free energy devices and where possible, rainwater harvesting and recycling systems. It can also include good insulation, reducing the need for air conditioning, and using eco friendly products including composting toilets and waterless urinals.

Foldable design meets eco-friendly construction the form of shape-shifting origami, Princeton University engineering student Denisa Buzatu has designed and prototyped a facade that can shade a building as it adjusts to sunlight. Her design makes use of metal alloy wires embedded in paper that can be activated by a microcontroller to fold in different ways.

Futuristic Living: Where Foldable Design Meets Eco-Friendly Construction

The facade can flatten automatically during sunny periods to simultaneously collect energy and shade a building, then fold away as it becomes cloudy. It can also be programmed to respond to the sun’s movement and track sunlight throughout a day or night. This folding structure is just one of many ideas that will be on show at the Sustainable House Day event in Sydney this weekend. The houses will be opened to the public to show how simple changes can have a significant impact on a home’s energy consumption.