Red Light Box – How it Can Help You

The red light box is getting more attention thanks to interest from universities, hospitals, and wellness centers, as well as at-home devices that make it easier to use. It’s a type of photomedicine, in which low-level LED lights stimulate the skin to improve health and treat various skin conditions.

It can be used to promote wound healing in the mouth and on burns, reduce cancer chemotherapy side effects, relieve pain from joint issues like rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and help heal cold sores. Some studies show it may even slow aging by reducing oxidative stress that leads to poor mitochondrial function and cellular degeneration.

Choosing the Right Red Light Box: A Comprehensive Guide to Red Light Therapy Devices

A red light therapy session is noninvasive and typically painless, whether you’re using a handheld device that can be gently pressed against the skin or lying in a full-body bed or pod that emits both red and near-infrared light. The therapy can also be combined with other treatments for some issues, such as using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber before a session of red light to enhance cellular detoxification.

Because LED red light devices vary in power and strength, it’s best to start by trying out a medical-grade device in a clinic or spa, which will provide safe guidelines on frequency and duration of treatment, says Dr. Ilyas. However, it’s possible to find a quality device for home use that will work just as well. One of our favorites is the Vital red light device, which has seven color modes and a range of applications for everything from skincare to athletic recovery to hormone balancing and sleep aids.