The Mystical Science of Sufi Magic

Sufi magic

Sufi magic is a practice that involves working with words and talismans to influence the world around us. This science was first developed in Islam and is still practiced by many practitioners today. It is considered legal, since it aims to be a devotion of the soul without being influenced by sorcery (unbelief).

There are two types of magical activity: white and black magic. The former is done through herbs, recitations, meditation, books, or talismans, and it focuses on making people fall in love, get married, lose a job, gain money, or become pregnant. The second is black or high magic, and it aims to bind Jinn and demons to the sorcerer’s will and command them to perform certain deeds.

The Healing Power of Sufi Magic: Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

The mystical significance of word magic lies in the fact that it is a relationship between the spiritual substance within our souls and the mystical substance within creation, and it can be used to transform creation through human action. This partnership is the foundation of our creative ability to live a re-creational life.

In order to learn how to use this mystical power, it is important to understand the nature of letters and their relationship to the worlds they belong to. This is a scientific and technical knowledge that can be acquired by anyone who wishes to develop their magic skills, whether they are practicing with words or with talismans.

The mystical science of letter magic is called simiya’ (“letter”). It consists of the activation of the spiritualia for specific words or letters, and this activates the powers of these letters and their corresponding worlds of spheres and stars.